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Expanded English language Name List

on Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:52 am
Hi all, I have put together an expanded English language name list. The first names and surnames are sourced from lists of top 100 UK and North American names and the original name list is included.

This list contains 100 male first names, 100 female first names and 200 surnames.


1. You should back-up and then replace the file 'StringTableEnNames.xml' with the version attached to this post. You can find this in your main game directory under Project Hospital\ProjectHospital_Data\StreamingAssets\Database\Localization.

2. You should then edit the 'Tweakables.xml' file (found in Project Hospital\ProjectHospital_Data\StreamingAssets\Database\) to have the following values: 
                <GameDBTweakableInt ID="FIRST_NAME_COUNT"> <Value>100</Value>   </GameDBTweakableInt>   
                 <GameDBTweakableInt ID="SURNAME_COUNT"> <Value>200</Value>   </GameDBTweakableInt>

Now, just run the game and any patients and staff you hire will have a greater choice of names!
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Re: Expanded English language Name List

on Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:47 pm
Marvelous! Thank you. Very Happy
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