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Re: Wishlist

on Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:26 pm
Ok... I've seen psychiatric department wishes in many other messages.. my bad Smile
But my wish-list is still valid of course !

Good luck with the last two months.
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My Wish list for this fantastic game :D

on Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:34 pm
Some ideas for the department:

- Gynecology and Obstetrics
- Neonatology
- Pediatry
- Psychiatry
- Nuclear Medicine (Pet-CT/ Pet-MRI/ Scintigraphy)
- Radiotherapy (cyber knife and other equipment)
- Oncology
- Forensic Department
- Geriatry

Please, add non curable deseases. because an hospital without hard cases hard treatment and unfortunately, the death, is not an real hospital.

For the end I will hope to see some specialist physician in the department of radiology Very Happy (because this department is the only one who have not physician)

Thank you very much for your coopération Smile

Good Jobs Lads Very Happy
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Re: Wishlist

on Sat Sep 08, 2018 3:31 pm
Why not the department of :
- Obstetrics
- Neonatal resuscitation department
- Paediatrics to take care of injured child

The services of the neonatal resuscitation department:
- An adequate equipment for helped new been born has to survive as:
- A service of intensive care neonatal (for care and an important surveillance)
- The sector of pre-exit (for a last visit before the exit of the newborn child)
- Nurse station for nurses
- On-call room for doctor and specialized surgeon

The service of paediatrics :
- Nurse station for nurses
- On-call room for doctor pediatrician
- Unit of day hospitalization and external care (For balance sheets with diagnostic aim or diverse care (drip, bandages,...))
- The paediatrics for helped wounded child ( pathologies of general paediatrics (medicine, surgery,...))
- A secure garden so that the hospitalized children can have fun in complete safety

The service of Obstetrics:
- Examination room
- Consultation obstetrics room
- Room of ultrasound
- Room of meadow work
- Born room

Staff :
- Gynecologists-obstetricians
- Pediatricians
- Midwives
- Nurse's aides and child care assistants

Neonatal resuscitation and paediatrics:
- Resuscitator
- Pneumopediatrician
- neonatologist
- Neuropediatrician
- Pediatric visceral surgeon
- Pediatric orthopaedic surgeon
- Cardiopediatrician
- Nursery nurses and nurses
- Child care assistants
- Obstetrics surgeon

I hope that I am clear.
Thanks dev team for your job.

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Re: Wishlist

on Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:40 pm
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Hello! Smile

Just wanted to say I am already obsessed with this game!!! Very Happy Thank you devs!!!

Any way I wanted to share a few wish list items of my own:
1. Wheelchairs.
2. Skilled nursing department  (essentially a nursing home. For elderly or patients needing therapy or long term care) areas in department could be: dinning area, common room/dayroom (as they are commonly called), shower room, patients wards/room, nurses station, linen closets, therapy, ect. Staff would be: DON, Nurses, certified nurses assistant, therapist, restorative nurse/aid, dietary aids, etc.
3. Visitors  (I see that already mentioned in the thread)
4. Sleeping rooms/waiting rooms for visitors/families of patients who are in like ICU, surgery, ect.
5. cafeteria for staff, visitors, and food delivery for patients.
6. Gift shop (extra cash! Wink )
7. staff training / meeting rooms
8. Traffic/parking (have to manage a big or small enough parking lot)
9.  Catastrophes. Outbreaks. Epidemics.
10. Teaching hospital
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Re: Wishlist

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