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Radiology Viewer Stuck In Use

on Fri Nov 30, 2018 7:29 am
The Radiology Viewer for CT and MRI are stuck in use and patients are unable to complete CT and MRI exams.

Repro Steps:
So this is a Followup To The Equipment Cabinet Becoming Stuck In Use. My MRI and CT Radiology viewers have become stuck in use and no exams can be performed. I noticed this after checking the green highlight status in the build view. For CT the last patient attempting to have a CT exam was an internal medicine outpatient who would wait in the radiology waiting room, be called, then walk to the CT room doors and immediately turn around and queue back at the radiology waiting room. I canceled the CT exam, but it took me saving and reloading the game to break him of this loop. He is now hospitalized on internal medicine (3rd floor). Also note, cancelling the exam did not remove him as a patient of the CT technician.

The same has happened to the radiology viewer in my MRI room. I had to build another to get it functioning again. I also had to build a third equipment cabinet in my CT room as the first two are stuck in use. I'm running out of wall space  Razz .

EDIT: So I did some more testing and firing the employee who presumably got the items stuck in the first place finally removed the items (equipment cabinet and radiology viewer) from the in-use state. Sadly, this means I might have to fire my super-fast spartan tech. The CT tech is Nancy Allen on the day shift. Also, MRI Tech Joseph Anderson on day shift is the offender for the MRI radiology viewer.


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