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[RESOLVED NOT A BUG] Add Floor Buggy

on Thu Nov 22, 2018 3:38 am
Adding floors to hospitals in any of the sandbox maps is bugged. Note this does not seem to occur in the pre-built hospital maps, only in the empty field maps.

Any time I add a floor a few things seem to go wrong.

1. The walls in the floors below seem to randomly disappear, and not all of the time does this happen.
2. Any areas on the second or greater floor I want to turn into a balcony are not considered outdoors, so I cannot add grass or glass fences to them.
3. If I try deleting a foundation of an upper story, it is replaced by a gray tile that is permanent.

I'd love this fixed as this is a huge hindrance on me being able to design a multi-story hospital.

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Re: [RESOLVED NOT A BUG] Add Floor Buggy

on Fri Nov 23, 2018 10:13 am
Hello - thanks for the report!
It is not a bug - let me explain it:

All pre-built maps were built in the sandbox - if it will be bugged it would happen to every building.

Regarding the screenshots you have uploaded - the walls on the lower floors disappearing, when you move to the upper floor, because the area, that you want to be outdoor, still have foundations. This means, that you need to dynamite area (that you want to become balcony) - the grey tile(s) will appear and you can place here all exterior tiles and objects (glass fence, grass, ...).

As you need to create indoor area by placing foundations, you need to create outdoor area (at upper floors) by placing foundations and subsequently dynamite them. This will create flooring above the lower floor and allows you modify the outdoor area.

Grey tiles are permanent only in the areas, which have beneath them any indoor flooring.

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