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Discharge cleans

on Wed 8 Aug 2018 - 18:29
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Hi, something I feel that would improve the realism and challenge of the game is a procedure called a 'discharge clean'. What is this? Well, the way cleaning is done in most NHS hospitals is that in addition to routine cleaning of a bed space or room, when a patient is discharged the room gets a deep clean which involves cleaning and disinfecting every surface in addition to stripping the linen and making the bed again.

This means that patients cannot be allocated a room or bed that hasn't been cleaned, in real life this can add a bit of a delay to a patient getting a bed in a ward as enough cleaners are needed to cover patient discharges on any given shift. Enough cleaners means no delays, too few and there are a lot so a balance needs to be struck.

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Re: Discharge cleans

on Sun 12 Aug 2018 - 19:43
Definitely like this suggestion. It adds to the realism and gives a extra challenge in micromanaging.

I can imagine the cleaners will automatically clean the beds in the order the patients leave. But it would be a good suggestion to add a priority button, or something like that.

For example: Beds 1, 2, 3 and 4 needs to be cleaned. The cleaner starts at 1 and works his way to bed 4, but for what ever reason you need bed 4 available quickly, you simply click a button that gives that bed priority to clean before the other beds.
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